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Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area/Mitigation Area

by Jenny Welch

Osceola County Expressway Authority plans to extend the Osceola Parkway East.  Some of their routes take the Osceola Parkway straight through Split Oak Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area/Mitigation Area.

Split Oak is a mitigation site created to alleviate damage done elsewhere in Central Florida.  Now they are considering mitigating this mitigation site.

Split Oak has been a gopher tortoise relocation area for many years.  Now they once again want to move these poor gopher tortoises causing undue stress on them.

Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area encompasses more than 2,000 acres. It is an open prairie landscape, dotted with lakes and ponds and oak hammocks, a habitat mix perfect for the sandhill cranes, gopher tortoises, bald eagles, alligators, snakes, and other animals that reside here.

This site is used by a wide variety of people for walking, hiking, bird watching, native plant viewing, nature viewing, and others.It is part of the Great Florida Birding Trail which brings in bird watchers from around the world.

Please write to the parties involved and ask them to continue to preserve Split Oak by NOT running any road straight through the middle of it.

Please email, write, or call to request they do NOT build a road through this area…………..

Email to
Call (407) 742-0200

Contact Paul Cherry, P.E.
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
1920 Wekiva Way, Suite 200
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Phone: (561) 840-0803 |

Published on  19.06.2014