Pine Lily Bylaws (pdf)

Pine Lily Volunteer Leadership Descriptions(doc)

Native Plant Appreciation Week Proclamation from 2015 issued by Osceola County Board of County Commissioners (pdf)

Dick Diener's Notes on his June 2012 Presentation

Jenny Welch's Florida Native Grasses and Groundcovers Powerpoint Presentation September 2012

Jenny's presentation is a very large file and due to size limitations here, it is only available at our Skydrive Site. The program runs slow in the web based powerpoint viewer but ran fine when I downloaded the file to my computer (which is practically an antique). 

If you want to download the file to your own computer and don't have the MS Powerpoint program, you can go to and also download a Powerpoint Viewer Program for free.

Published on  13.07.2017