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Kissimmee Utility Authority

1701 W. Carroll Street, 3rd Floor Board Room

Kissimmee, FL 34741

**Meeting Day and Time**

Every 4th Thursday of the Month

6:00 PM to 6:30 PM – Social and Refreshments

6:30 PM to 8:30 PM – Chapter Meeting

**Upcoming Meetings** 


Chapter Meeting with Taryn Evans  --   Beneficial Insects and Florida’s Native Plants: The Keys to a Sustainable Landscape

**Past Meetings** 

05/23/19-Osceola Guest Speaker: David Tomek, Osceola County Community Development Director spoke about County Planning and Development Process: How to be involved

04/25/19-Guest Speaker: Loret Thatcher, Pine Lily Member and Green Palmetto Award Winner spoke about Syrphid Flies: Pollination Without the Sting Plus Pest Control

03/28/19- Sandy Webb, Pine Lily Conservation Committee Chair presented her part II on native plant propagation which focused on cuttings. It was a hands-on presentation with live plant material which everyone got to take home!

02/28/19- Pine Lily members got together to view a film screening of Gimme Green, an award-winning documentary about America's obsession with lawns.

01/24/19- Bob Mindick, Osceola County Public Lands Manager spoke a little about what the SAVE Osceola Program is and how it came about, as well as highlighted different properties acquired through the program and what it takes to manage them.

10/25/18- Sandy Webb, Pine Lily Conservation Committee Chair presented on how to grow native plants from seeds. She discussed identifying plants for seed collection, cleaning, and storing. It was a hands-on presentation with live plant material to show seed preparation, which everyone got to take home after cleaning! We also had live, potted plants for free to take home including native Milkweed, Tropical Sage, and Firebush!

09/27/18- Valerie Anderson (Left), Pine Lily Policy and Legislation Committee Chair, FNPS  Director of Communications, President of Friends of Split Oak Forest, and owner of Anderson Geospatial discussed Conservation initiatives in Osceola County.

08/23/18- Deborah Krause of School of Holistic Living shared insights and information about herbal remedies created from various plants, including Bidens Alba and other native Florida species

07/26/18- Krista Stump from University of Florida’s IFAS, spoke on low impact development and incorporating rain gardens in urban design to increase water conservation, onsite water retention, water quality and habitat for birds and pollinators.

06/28/18- Lisa Roberts, Florida Wildflower Foundation Executive Director detailed how to create a roadside wildflower program in Osceola County.

05/24/18- Dana Sussman, Florida Forest Service shared her extensive knowledge of native trees and their importance in the State.

04/26/18- Grantley Ricketts with University of Florida Extension gave a detailed presentation on Florida gardening, including native plants.

03/22/18- Cody-Marie Miller, President of the Osceola County CF CISMA (Central Florida Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area) offered insights on Invasive Plants of Osceola County and How to be a Citizen Scientist. She works for The Nature Conservancy at the Disney Wilderness Preserve and is in charge of Invasive Species Management.

02/22/18- Jackie Rolly, renowned native plant naturalist, plant salvage leader, and Tarflower Chapter member spoke on rescuing native plants from development. As a land steward at the Oakland Nature Preserve, Jackie has overseen restoration of that site for many years.

01/25/18- Osceola County Urban Forester Chris Kincaid spoke about the new Urban Forestry division, future mapping of natural resources, tree protection and tree mapping programs.

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Published on  22.06.2019