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01/10/19 New rule shrinks resident talk time at county meetings:

"Resident Karina Veaudry acknowledged that three minutes is usually enough time to make a point. “But occasionally, a couple times a year, there’s really complicated issues concerning developments and their impacts,” said Veaudry. She added that developers often meet with commissioners and staff for months to discuss project details, though residents sometimes only learn about it when action appears on the agenda."

09/17/18 Future of Osceola parks decided at commission meeting:

"That’s what happened on Sept. 10. Anderson – who also serves as the Policy and Legislative Chair for the Pine Lily Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society - thanked county staff and commissioners for some changes, though she pointed out that the new amendment still contains some flaws."

06/06/18 County considers major changes to local parks: 

"“This means you’re allowing the population to grow while shrinking the requirement for parks,” said Anderson, who has given public comment previously on a range of Osceola County environmental issues. “This essentially lets existing parks absorb more and more use.”"

06/04/18 Commissioners question math used to calculate proposed massive reduction in county park requirements:

"“That’s an affront to the citizens of this county. We rely on you to provide services that the private sector does not and cannot provide. Parks and conservation land is one such amenity. Your job is to provide those amenities and maintain our quality of life as the county grows in population. Natural resource-based recreation is vital to our quality of life,” Anderson said."


Published on  16.01.2019