About Us

Executive Committee

  • Jennifer Adams – President
  • VACANT – President Elect
  • Karina Veaudry – Past President
  • Marie Chivers – Secretary
  • VACANT– Treasurer
  • Tayler Figueroa– Chapter Representative

Committee Chairs (Board Directors)

  • Acaica Dunkley – Conservation Committee Chair
  • Twannetta Weaver – Education & Outreach Committee Chair
  • Valerie Anderson – Policy & Legislation Committee Chair
  • VACANT – Membership Committee Chair
  • VACANT – Publicity Committee Chair
  • VACANT – Fundraising Committee Chair

Other Chapter Positions

  • VACANT – Field Trip Coordinator
  • VACANT – Newsletter Editor
  • VACANT – Webmaster
  • VACANT – Social Media Coordinator

Volunteer!  We need your help!

If you are interested in serving as Pine Lily Chapter Membership Coordinator, Field Trip Coordinator, or possibly Treasurer please contact pinelily@fnps.org.

We also have other positions to fit many different interests including Social Media Director, Webmaster, Fundraising Coordinator, and Conservation Committee Members. Serving on a Non-profit Board of Directors is the perfect opportunity to gain experience in each respective area of interest and make personal and professional connections that can assist with hobbies, conservation of native ecosystems, community service hours, extra credit, internships, careers, and getting to know your community and political processes.

The mission of the Florida Native Plant Society is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.